Do More in Less Time With Cutting Edge Solid Composite Stone Shower Products 

Do More in Less Time With Cutting Edge Solid Composite Stone Shower Products 

Revolutionizing the Future cutting-edge Solutions for the Hospitality & Construction Industry with CASTICO’s Solid Composite Stone Shower Pan Bases and Walls. Unleash the power of innovation and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of CASTICO’s extraordinary solid composite stone solutions, where showers become a mesmerizing symphony of elegance, durability, and unmatched wow factor. The perfect shower solution for any business. 



With CASTICO, hospitality and building industries can benefit from not only the speed of project completion but also the affordability of our solid composite stone shower pan bases and walls.  

Our team prioritizes our customers by delivering products that align with their needs and exceed their expectations. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we offer quick lead times, allowing you to complete projects efficiently. By choosing CASTICO, you benefit from our unmatched design capabilities, production capacity, and expertise in the composite stone industry. Our team of professionals brings over 100 years of experience, ensuring industry-best service and high-quality products. Additionally, we take pride in offering a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind and demonstrating our commitment to long-term durability. 

Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing and installation methods, projects can be completed with exceptional speed. By choosing CASTICO, you can significantly reduce construction timelines, ensuring that your projects are delivered on time, every time. Our shower pan bases and walls are specifically designed for quick and hassle-free installation, allowing you to maximize productivity and meet tight deadlines without compromising aesthetics or quality.  

As a member of prestigious associations like the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) & National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), CASTICO demonstrates its commitment to industry standards and excellence in delivering top-quality products construction projects. 


Solid composite stone stands out as the ultimate shower solution in the market, surpassing all alternatives, thanks to its unbeatable combination of durability, aesthetics, low maintenance, and versatility. 

Our solid composite stone shower pan bases combine sleek design with functionality. Featuring a low-profile, curb-less entry step and integrated soft-to-touch slip-resistant textured finish, they offer both ease of use and enhanced safety without sacrificing visual appeal. 

The shower walls, crafted from 1/2″ thick solid composite stone, provide a luxurious finish to any project. With finished edges and a grout-less design, they streamline the installation process while delivering a seamless, high-end appearance. 

By utilizing CASTICO products, you can expedite your projects without compromising on the quality or visual impact. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that you can achieve remarkable results within demanding timelines, giving you a competitive edge in the market. 

Experience the combination of affordability, quality, and aesthetics with CASTICO’s solid composite stone shower pan bases and walls. By partnering with us, you can confidently count on cost-effective solutions that enhance your spaces while optimizing your bottom line. Elevate your business with products that deliver exceptional value without compromising on performance or style. 

Elevate your shower experience with CASTICO. 

Check out why CASTICO is a safer choice. 


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